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3towers Observatory Objects with Common Names

Helix Nebula
Helix Nebula (NGC 7293)
Helix Nebula (NGC7293), Evening of 25 November, 2013, 21 degree altitude: C-11 HyperStar, Starlight Xpress SXVR-H9C, Fifteen 60-second exposures median combined.

All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.


Object Other Names 3towers Observatory Images Comments
Andromeda Galaxy M31 Two minute exposure with a 135mm f/2.8 telephoto lens coupled to a Nikon D100 digital camera.
Antares and environs   Antares and environs

Antares and environment 135 mm lens view

M4 and M80 are nearby Antares.
Antennae; Ringtail Galaxy NGDC4038/4039; Caldwell60-61 ngc4038.jpg (22713 bytes)  
Aurora in Tucson   TucsonAurora.jpg (43634 bytes) The Aurora was photographed on the evening of 30 March 2001. It was visible in the northern sky from 11:00pm until shortly after midnight. This picture was taken on ASA 200 film with a 17mm f/4.5 lens and an exposure of 40 seconds. In the foreground are the three radio towers that border the 3towers Observatory which is situated in the foothills north of Tucson. The red color of the Aurora matches the tower lighting. Behind the towers are the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson.
Baade's Window   Baade's Window Walter Baade was unable to observe the Galactic center itself due to obscuring dust, but he found regions of less obscuration close to the heart of the Milky Way, including “Baade’s window,” which is centered around NGC 6528 (left) and NGC 6522 (right) in Sagittarius. The bright star off the frame south of NGG6528 is Gamma Sgr (10 Sgr) magnitude 3.63.
Beehive Cluster M44 (NGC2632); Praesepe M44  
Bug Nebula NGC6302; Caldwell69 Bug Nebula  
California Nebula NGC1499 California Nebula  
Centaurus A; Arp153 NGC5128 ngc5128.jpg (16839 bytes)B&W

ngc5128color.jpg (28286 bytes)


NGC5128 (Centaurus A; Arp153)

Cooling Tower Nebula M29 (NGC6913) M29  
Crab Nebula M1; NGC1952 m1color.jpg (44821 bytes)  
Double Cluster NGC869/884 Two minute exposure with a 135mm f/2.8 telephoto lens coupled to a Nikon D100 digital camera.
Double Cluster NGC869/884 Double Cluster Six 60-second exposures median combined with Canon 60Da camera, ISO 1600, combined with C-11 HyperStar.
Dumbell Nebula M27; NGC6853 M27  
Eagle Nebula M16; Star Queen Nebula; NGC6611 M16  
Flame Nebula NGC2024 Flame Nebula  
Flaming Star Nebula IC405 IC405 - Flaming Star Nebula The nebula lies north of the variable star AE Aurigae. This image is a composite of 30 60-second exposures added together.
Fox Head Nebula NGC6819 NGC6819  
Helix Nebula NGC7293 Helix Nebula  
Helix Nebula and Airplane NGC7293 Helix Nebula and airplane An airplane went through the field of view during a 60-second exposure.
Horsehead Nebula IC434 Horsehead.jpg (17603 bytes)
AP7 Black & White Image
The AP7 image is a composite of forty one-minute exposures added together.


Horsehead Nebula IC434 Horsehead Nebula C-11 HyperStar image with Starlight Xpress SXVR-H9C camera.
Horsehead Nebula IC434 Horsehead Nebula  
Hubble's Variable Nebula NGC2261 ngc2261.jpg (50991 bytes) This image consists of three 60-second red, three 60- second green (V), and five 60-second blue exposures combined into a final color image.
Leo I UGC5470 Leo I Regulus nearly overpowers Leo I.  This image is a median combination of five 60-seconds exposures with a Canon 60Da, ISO 1600.
North American Nebula NGC7000; Caldwell 20 ngc7000 North American Nebula  
Nova Sagittarii 2003   This image was taken on 27 April 2003. It is a composite of a 30-second R, 45-second V, 60-second B, and a 20-second open exposure.
Omega Centauri NGC5139 omega.jpg (39670 bytes)

Omega Centauri (NGC5139)

Omega Nebula M17; Horseshoe Nebula; NGC6618; Checkmark Nebula; Swan Nebula M17  
Pelican Nebula IC5070/IC5067 ic5070 Pelican Nebula The two bright stars from left to right are 57 Cygni and 56 Cygni. Only a portion of the Pelican Nebula is shown.
PerseusA; Perseus I Galaxy Cluster NGC1275 PerseusA.jpg (41926 bytes) NGC1275 is at the heart of the Perseus I Galaxy Cluster (Abell 426). It is the largest galaxy near the center of the image. This image is a composite of thirty 60-second exposures added together.
PK131-5.1 This is a 30" planetary nebula, approximately 14.2 magnitude. pk131.jpg (58789 bytes)

The bottom image is a magnified view of the top image centered on the planetary nebula.
pk131large.jpg (44962 bytes)

This image is a composite of twenty 60-second exposures added together.
R CrA Complex NGC6726/6729 NGC6726  
Rho Ophiuchus Complex IC4604 IC4604  
Rosette Nebula NGC2237; 2239; 2244; 2246; 2252; Caldwell49-50 Rosette Nebula  
Running Man Nebula NGC1977 Running Man Nebula  
Stephan's Quintet of Galaxies Arp319; NGC7317, NGC7318A, NGC7318B, NGC7319, NGC7320 Stephans.jpg (49052 bytes)
KX260 Image

Stephans.jpg (34392 bytes)
AP7 Image

The KX260 image is a composite of thirty 60-second exposures added together.



The AP7 image is a composite of forty-five 60-second exposures added together.

Thor's Hammer NGC2359 ngc2359.jpg (81888 bytes)  
Thor's Hammer NGC2359 Thors Hammer  
Triangulum Galaxy M33; NGC598 M33  
Veil Nebula Bridal Veil Nebula; Cirrus Nebula; Cygnus Loop; NGC6960; NGC6992; NGC6995 Veil Nebula


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