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3towers Observatory/Night Views

3towers Observatory before sunrise April 11, 2003 Cloudy night
3towers Observatory just before sunrise 11 April 2003.


A cloudy night
Zodiacal light September 16, 2005
Zodiacal Light 16 September 2005 Canopus from the living room window March 3, 2011
Perseid meteor August 12, 2010 Perseid meteor August 13, 2010
Dome 2 at night Dome 2 at night
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Looking South from the 3towers Observatory with Canopus just above the house

Sirius and Canopus from the backyard

Looking South from the backyard




2 August 2003. Looking North

3towerspanorama.jpg (35299 bytes)

Looking inside the dome at night

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Tower.jpg (19817 bytes)

One of the radio towers silhouetted by the Moon and surrounded by a Moon Halo. This picture was taken on a misty foggy evening. 17mm f/4.5 lens, 30 sec exposure on ASA 200 film.