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3towers Observatory Moon, Planets , & Atmospheric Phenomena


Sun Pillar August 19, 2011, Pentax Optio S7 point and shoot camera.


Sundogs (parhelia) on May 4, 1999.  Nikon D100 camera 50mm lens at f/22, 1/3000 second exposure, ISO 800. The Sun was setting to the west behind the observatory.




Rainbow at the 3towers Observatory.  Nikon D100 digital camera with 8 mm f/22 lens.

Rainbow after December rainstorm

On January 29, 2009 Venus was close to the 3.5 day old Moon.  The young crescent Moon was visible in the late afternoon, making it a good pointer to daytime viewing of Venus.  Once found Venus was easily visible in the late afternoon sky about one-hour prior to sunset.  This picture of Venus and the crescent Moon was taken at 5:40 pm MST (sunset 5:55 MST).  


Young Moon Dove and setting Sun
Young Moon (17 hours 58 minutes), 5-inch f/5 reflector, Nikon D100 camera, ISO 800. The dove was observed sitting on a distant telephone wire before the Sun set.
Earth Shadow
The Earth's Shadow and the Belt of Venus above it on the morning of December 30, 2007.
Moon and Earth shadow
The Earth's Shadow, the setting Moon, and the Belt of Venus on September 27, 2007.
Evening clouds
Evening clouds after sunset on August 18, 2012.
Rainbow August 7, 2015
Rainbow in the afternoon of August 7, 2015 after summer thunderstorm
Sun Halo on the afternoon of March 16, 2018
Sun Halo on the afternoon of March 16, 2018. iPhone image.
Annual Eclipse of the Sun:  Page, Arizona, May 20, 2012