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3towers Observatory

3towersa.jpg (78975 bytes) The 3towers Observatory sits in my front yard on a spare lot north of my house. I purchased the lot to preserve my views of the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, AZ. The lot borders on 20 acres of open desert containing three 350 foot former AM radio towers. They have been converted to a low watt FM system and are used by the city and county as part of the regional 911 system. The towers are lit at night by typical red tower lights and are not a hindrance to my observing. I like their grandeur, and they guarantee the continued presence of open land next to me. To the south, the observatory overlooks my house and the city lights of Tucson, AZ, which are beautiful, though the light pollution greatly limits my southern observing and dark sky observing.

Barnard Object - Then and Now

The Sky at Night - easy enjoyment from your backyard



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The Sky at Night

The Barnard Objects - Then and Now


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