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Grasslands Observatory: Color Images of Selected Arp Galaxies


These tri-color CCD images were obtained at various times from 1996 to the present. The very earliest were taken with an HPC-1 camera (1024 x 1024, twelve micron TI chip) or an Apogee AP7 camera (512 x 512, 24 micron SITe chip). The HPC-1 was an excellent early camera with small pixels. The AP7 had a greater photon efficiency, particularly in the blue portion of the spectrum.

In March 2001, a Finger Lakes Instrumentation Dream Machine CCD camera was installed at the Grasslands Observatory. This camera had a high quantum efficiency SITe 1024 x 1024 twenty-four micron CCD chip. It provided a nearly 28 minute field of view on the original 24-inch f/5 reflector at the observatory. The Dream Machine was used in operation with a Finger Lakes Instrumentation CFW-1 Color Filter Wheel and an Optec TCF temperature compensating focuser. The filter wheel contained Photometric R, V, B and I filters and also had an Open slot (O) and a Clear filter (C). This instrument combination was used for much of the imaging at the Grasslands Observatory until late 2014.

Since 2015, the Grasslands Observatory has been significally improved and enlarged with the addition of three new 14 x 14 foot roll-off roof buildings containing telescopes for remote operations. The original 24-inch telescope has been converted to visual use at the Cassegrain focus (f/20). See Grasslands Operations.

At the present time all imaging is done remotely using a PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope and FLI Proline 9000 CCD, an ASA 20-inch f/3.5 astrograph and FLI Proline 9000 CCD, or a Takahasi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 telescope with a Canon EOS Ra camera. See our Operations for more details.

tbh 18 April 2010; revised 24 April 2017; revised 23 March 2018; revised Tuesday May 21, 2019. Minor revision 20 January 2021

All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.


Arp Galaxy Other Name(s) Thumbnail Image
14 NGC7314
16 M66; NGC3627 m66.jpg (27996 bytes)
AP7 image

M65 and M66

CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope image

ST10 CCD image

18 NGC4088 NGC4088 (Arp18)
22 NGC4027/4027A Arp 22, cropped and enlarged image
25 NGC2276 (Arp25); NGC2300 (Arp114) Arp25 and Arp114
26 M101; NGC5457 M101 PlaneWave CDK24 image

PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope image


Takahashi Epsilon 180 astrograph, Canon EOS Ra camera, ISO 1600, sixteen 400-second exposures sigma clip combined.

29 NGC6946; Caldwell12; Fireworks Galaxy NGC6946 (Arp29; Caldwell 12; Fireworks Galaxy)
37 M77; NGC1068 M77 on the evening of Thursday January 3, 2019
41 NGC1232 ngc1232(Arp41).jpg (50168 bytes)

NGC1232 (Arp41 on the evening of Sunday December 30, 2018.

71 NGC6045 and environs (galaxy cluster) NGC6045 (Arp71)

76 M90; NGC4659 + IC3583 M90 PlaneWave CDK24 image
77 NGC1097; Caldwell67

78 NGC772+770 Arp 78 (NGC772/NGC770) on the evening of Wednesday November 28, 2018
84 NGC5935/5934; UGC8900 Arp84.jpg (23119 bytes)
85 M51; NGC5194/5195; Whirlpool Galaxy m51(Arp85).TIF (1030036 bytes)
AP7 image

Dream Machine image

M51 on the evening of Saturday April 14, 2018

PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope image

94 NCG3226+3227 Arp94 (NGC3226/3227) on the evening of Monday May 7, 2018
104 NGC5218+5216 (Keenan's System) Arp 104 (NGC5218 and NGC5216)
114 and 25 NGC2300; NGC2276 Arp25 and Arp114
116 M60; NGC4649 M60 and M59


Meade LXD55 8-inch f/4 images with QSI 532 CCD. The major objects are labeled in the below image.


120 NGC4438+4435 Arp 120 (NGC4438/4435) on the morning of April 8, 2018
123 NGC1888; MCG-2-14-13 arp123.jpg (119299 bytes)
134 M49; NGC4472 M49 on the evening of April 20, 2018


135 NGC1023 NGC1023, Arp 135
152 M87; NGC4486 M87, cropped and enlarged image
153 NGC5128; Centaurus A; Caldwell77 ngc5128(Arp153).TIF (707868 bytes)
AP7 image

Dream Machine image

154 NGC1316 Arp154
157 NGC520 ngc520(Arp157).tif (2534122 bytes)

168 M32; NGC221; UGC452
184 NGC1961
206 NGC3432
214 NGC3718 NGC3718
225 NGC2655 Arp 225, cropoped and enlarged image
243 NGC2623 ngc2623.jpg (57929 bytes)
244 NGC4038; NGC4039; Antennae, Ringtail Galaxy; Caldwell 60-61 NGC4038/4039

PlaneWave CDK24 24-inch f/6.5 telescope image

244 NGC4038/4039; Antennae; Ringtail Galaxy; Caldwell 60-61 NGC4038/NGC4039 and Arp 22 (NGC4027)
268 UGC4305
269 NGC4490+4485 NGC4490+NGC4485 (Arp 269)
270 NGC3395
Dream Machine image

281 NGC4631; Caldwell32 Arp281
299 NGC3690 ngc3690.jpg (21557 bytes)
Shown are Arp296 (small galaxy up and to the left) and NGC3690 interacting with IC694.
316 NGC3193; Hickson 44B Arp316

Dream Machine CCD image

317 M65; NGC3623 Wide angle image of M65, M66, and NGC3628

ASA20 20-inch f/3.6 telescope image

m65(Arp317).TIF (737322 bytes)
AP7 image

M65 and M66
Dream Machine image

319 NGC7320; Stephans Quintet

Stephan's Quintet (NGC7320)

Stephans Quintet closeup view

Cropped and enlarged image

337 M82; NGC3034; Cigar Galaxy M82
PlaneWave CDK24 image

Dream Machine image

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