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The Sabino Canyon Observatory : Comets

On February 2, 2000 (UT), James discovered that near earth object (NEO) E91545 was a comet instead of an asteroid. This object is now known as Comet P/2000 B3 (Linear). On February 5, 2000 (UT), James discovered that NEO 0C1766 is a comet. It is now known as P/2000 C1 (Hergenrother). Currently, James has a total of 39 independent discoveries of comets.
CometHerg.jpg (56202 bytes)
This image is a five minute CCD exposure of Comet Hergenrother taken at the Grasslands Observatory by James McGaha on February 5.363, 2000.

James McGaha mailto:mcgaha@skepticus.com
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