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Grasslands Observatory Objects with Common Names: A-G


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right




Other Name(s) Type of Object Thumbnail Image Comments
Veil Nebula Bridal Veil Nebula; Cirrus Nebula; Cygnus Loop; NGC6960; NGC6992; NGC6995; Caldwell 33; Caldwell 34 Nebula Western Veil Nebula

Western Veil Nebula


Veil Nebula

Due to the large extent of the Veil's nebulosity only a small portion of it is shown in the first two images.















The lower two images of the Eastern and Western Veil Nebula, respectively, were taken with the Meade LXD75 telescope and a Canon 20Da digital camera.

Veil Nebula Complex Bridal Veil Nebula; Cirrus Nebula; Cygnus Loop; NGC6960; NGC6992; NGC6974; NGC6979; NGC6995; Caldwell 33; Caldwell 34; Pickering's Triangular Nebula

Complex Nebular Region Veil Nebula complex


Veil Nebula region, cropped and labeled image











Cropped and labelel image

Whale Galaxy; Herring Galaxy NGC4631; Arp281; Caldwell 32 Galaxy Arp281  
Whirlpool Galaxy M51 (NGC5194/5195; Arp85) Interacting Galaxies M51 on the evening of Saturday April 14, 2018  
Wild Duck Cluster M11; NGC6705 Galactic (0pen) Cluster

m11.jpg (52928 bytes)
AP7 Image

Dream Machine Image



ASA 20-inch f/3.6 telescope image



Takahashi Epsilon 180 image with Canon EOS Ra camera, total combined exposures 2850-seconds.











Witch Head Nebula IC2118 Reflection Nebula Witch Head Nebula (IC2118)

Witch Head Nebula

Takahashi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 telescope with ZWO ASI 071 single shot color camera.


Takahashi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 astrograph with Canon EOS Ra camera.

Wizard Nebula; Wizard Cluster NGC7380 Open Cluster with associated emission nebulosity NGC7380  
Zodiacal Light & Venus in the West     Sixty-second exposure with Nikon D100 digital camera set at ISO 1600 using an 8 mm f/3.5 lens.

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