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Figure 1A. The Andromeda Galaxy, M31.




Figure 1B. Rectified image of M31.

Rectified image of M31

Sky & Telescope, June 1964: 344.


Figure 1c. Rectified image of M31 and its central bar.

M31 rectified

Sky & Telescope, August 2006: 22.


Figure 2A. Infrared emission of M31 from the IRAS satellite. There is a bright ring of gas and dust where star formation occurs. This image is from Hodge 1993.

M31 in infrared



Figure 2B. Radio emission from M31. There is a star forming ring of neutral gas 10 kpc from the nucleus. This image is from Hodge 1993.

M31 in radio emission



Figure 3. The double nucleus of M31 as imaged in green light by the Planetary Camera on the Hubble Space Telescope on July 6, 1991. This image shows the central 30 light years of M31’s nuclear region.

Double nucleus of M31

Image from NASA web site at: http://apod.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap961011.html.


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