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3towers Observatory Images of Selected NGC Objects: 3115 - 3878


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.


Object Other Name(s); Comments 3towers Images Comments
NGC3115 Spindle Galaxy NGC3115 This image is a composite of ten 60-second exposures through a clear filter added to 60-second exposures through red, green (V), and blue filters.
NGC3193 Arp316 Arp316.jpg (12747 bytes) Arp316(NGC3193) is the non-descript elliptical galaxy above and to the left of the spiral galaxy (NGC3190) in the center of the image. NGC3187 is the smaller spiral galaxy on the right. These galaxies are, respectively, Hickson44B, 44A, and 44D. Hickson 44C (NGC3185) is not pictured, lying south (below) the field of view. This is a composite image of twenty 60-second exposures added together.
NGC3226/3227 Arp94 Arp94.jpg (21997 bytes) This image is a composite of eighteen 60-second exposures added together. The larger galaxy is NGC3227.

AP7 b&w image ngc3628.jpg (23491 bytes)

AP7 Color Image
ngc3628color.jpg (22774 bytes)


The black and white image is a composite of fifteen 60-second exposures added together.


The color image is a composite of six 90-second Red, six 90-second Green (V), and ten 90-second Blue (B) images added together.

NGC3664 Arp5 Arp5.jpg (28293 bytes) The tiny galaxy near the bottom of the image is NGC3664A. This is a composite image of sixteen 60-second exposures added together.
NGC3786; 3788 Arp294 ngc3786.jpg (17398 bytes) NGC3788 is the galaxy with the vertical orientation. NGC3786 is oriented horizontally. The small, faint spiral galaxy below and to the right of the two larger galaxies is NGC3793.