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3towers Observatory Images of IC and Other Interesting Objects


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.


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Object Other Name(s); Comments 3towers Images Comments
IC405 Flaming Star Nebula IC405 - Flaming Star Nebula The nebula lies north of the variable star AE Aurigae. This image is a composite of 30 60sec exposures added together.
IC434 Horsehead Nebula Horsehead.jpg (17603 bytes)
AP7 Image


IC434 Horsehead Nebula Horsehead Nebula  
IC1546; NGC80; NGC83; NGC91; NGC93   ngc80.jpg (47290 bytes)
KX260 Image

Arp65.jpg (20882 bytes)
AP7 Image

In the KX260 image, the five major galaxies pictured are from left to right: NGC93, NGC91, IC1546 (near the top of the picture), NGC83 (near 3 bright stars), and NGC80 (near the right edge of the picture). This image is a composite of twenty 60sec exposures added together.

The AP7 image is a composite of ten one-minute exposures combined by median addition.

IC4592 Blue Horsehead Nebula IC4592  
IC4601   IC4601  
IC4604 Rho Ophiuchus Complex IC4604  
IC5070/IC5067 Pelican Nebula ic5070 Pelican Nebula  

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