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3towers Observatory Messier Objects: M49-M73


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.

Messier Object Other Name(s) Type of Object Black & White Image Color Image
49 NGC4472; Arp134 Galaxy m49.jpg (32927 bytes) m49color.jpg (29233 bytes)
50 NGC2323 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m50.jpg (45782 bytes) m50color.jpg (36865 bytes)


50 NGC2323 Galactic (Open) Cluster M50 image with Canon 60Da camera Canon 60Da image
51 NGC5194(and NGC5195); The Whirlpool Galaxy Spiral Galaxy m51.jpg (22750 bytes) m51color.jpg (18566 bytes)
This is a wide angle image obtained using an f/3.3 focal reducer.
52 NGC7654 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m52.jpg (41578 bytes)  
53 NGC5024 Globular Cluster m53.jpg (20986 bytes)  
54 NGC6715 Globular Cluster m54.jpg (42019 bytes)  
55 NGC6809 Globular Cluster m55.jpg (38002 bytes)
56 NGC6779 Globular Cluster m56.jpg (28015 bytes)
57 NGC6720; The Ring Nebula Planetary Nebula   m57color.jpg (26697 bytes)
58 NGC4579 Galaxy m58.jpg (26243 bytes) m58color.jpg (30243 bytes)
59 NGC4621 Galaxy m59.jpg (27471 bytes)  
60 NGC4649 and NGC4647; Arp116 Galaxy m60.JPG (48263 bytes) m60color.jpg (40105 bytes)
61 NGC4303 Galaxy m61.jpg (38113 bytes) m61color.jpg (48598 bytes)
62 NGC6266 Globular Cluster m62.jpg (35750 bytes)
63 NGC5055 Galaxy m63.jpg (25934 bytes) m63color.jpg (42088 bytes)
64 NGC4826; The Black-eye Galaxy Galaxy m64.jpg (22536 bytes) m64color.jpg (25957 bytes)
65 NGC3623; Member of Leo Triplet of M65, M66, and NGC3628; Arp317 Galaxy m65.jpg (13054 bytes) m65color.jpg (36606 bytes)

M65 and M66

66 NGC3627; Member of Leo Triplet of M65, M66, and NGC3628; Arp16 Galaxy m66.jpg (19989 bytes) m66color.jpg (21728 bytes)

ngc3628color.jpg (22774 bytes)
67 NGC2682 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m67.jpg (38766 bytes) M67
68 NGC4590 Globular Cluster M68 m68color.jpg (48373 bytes)

m68ir.jpg (34415 bytes)
Notice the red star ( a variable star FI Hydrae) lying northeast of M68 (up and to the left). The image on the left is a standard tri-color CCD image with photometric R, V, and B filters. The image on the right has the I (near infrared) filter substituted for the R filter. Note how bright the star is in the infrared.

69 NGC6637 Globular Cluster m69.jpg (45337 bytes)  
70 NGC6681 Globular Cluster m70.jpg (40632 bytes)  
71 NGC6838 Globular Cluster m71.jpg (53110 bytes)
72 NGC6981 Globular Cluster m72.jpg (23510 bytes)
73 NGC6994 Asterism? m73.jpg (26178 bytes)