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3towers Observatory Messier Objects: M25-M48


All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.

Messier Object Other Name(s) Type of Object Black & White Image Color Image
25 IC4725 Galactic (0pen) Cluster M25 M25
26 NGC6694 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m26.jpg (49653 bytes)
27 NGC6853; Dumbell Nebula Planetary Nebula m27.jpg (44153 bytes) m27color.jpg (47801 bytes)



28 NGC6626 Globular Cluster m28.jpg (44525 bytes)  
29 NGC6913 Galactic (0pen) Cluster M29
30 NGC7099 Globular Cluster m30.jpg (19629 bytes)
31 NGC244; The Great Andromeda Galaxy Galaxy m31.jpg (11936 bytes) M31Two minute exposure with a 135mm f/2.8 telephoto lens coupled to a Nikon D100 digital camera.


32 NGC221 Galaxy m32.jpg (26144 bytes)  
33 Triangulum Galaxy; NGC598 Galaxy m33.jpg (27025 bytes)
KX260 Image

m33.jpg (19772 bytes)
AP7 Image

m33color.jpg (58362 bytes)





34 NGC1039 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m34.jpg (21966 bytes) m34
35 NGC2168 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m35.jpg (48007 bytes) m35color.jpg (32867 bytes)


36 NGC1960 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m36.jpg (31388 bytes) m36color.jpg (47466 bytes)


37 NGC2099 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m37.jpg (48516 bytes) m37color.jpg (37117 bytes)


38 NGC1912 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m38.jpg (37789 bytes) m38color.jpg (38953 bytes)


39 NGC7092 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m39.jpg (35348 bytes) M39
40 Winnecke 4 Double Stars m40.jpg (11048 bytes)
M40 consists of the double stars. The small galaxy in the upper right hand corner of the image is NGC4290, while the The bright star in the lower right hand corner is 70 Ursae Majoris (6th magnitude).
41 NGC2287 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m41color.jpg (49927 bytes) M41
42 NGC1976; The Orion Nebula Diffuse Nebula m42.jpg (14117 bytes) m42color.jpg (30665 bytes)

Canon 60Da image with C-11 HyperStar combination:


43 NGC1982 Diffuse Nebula m43.jpg (12444 bytes) m43color.jpg (25232 bytes)
44 NGC2632; Praesepe; The Beehive Cluster Galactic (0pen) Cluster m44.jpg (23729 bytes) M44
45 The Pleiades Galactic (0pen) Cluster with Surrounding Nebulosity Pleiades


The Pleiades are best shown with wide-field photography, such as this photograph obtained with the Grassland five-inch f/5 finder as part of the Photographic Messier Marathon.

m45.jpg (36708 bytes)


Canon 60Da with C-11 HyperStar combination:

The Pleiades (M45)

46 NGC2437 Galactic (0pen) Cluster with Planetary Nebula (NGC2438) m46.jpg (37209 bytes) m46color.jpg (63131 bytes)


47 NGC2422 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m47.jpg (48063 bytes) m47color.jpg (25525 bytes)


48 NGC2548 Galactic (0pen) Cluster m48.jpg (23180 bytes) m48color.jpg (55987 bytes)