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Annual Eclipse of the Sun:  Page, Arizona, May 20, 2012
The Annular Eclipse of the Sun on May 20, 2012 was visible from the western and southwestern parts of the United States.  Page, AZ, is in Northern Arizona on the Colorado River.  It is the site of the Glen Canyon Dam with Lake Powell formed by the dam.  Page is only a few miles from the Utah state line and is a departure location for trips to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and many other wonderful parks, monuments, and vistas in Arizona and Utah.  Fortunately, it was in the center line for the Annular Eclipse, and the weather prediction for 0% chance of rain, clear skies, and no wind proved true.

The Eclipse was spectacular and viewed by thousand in the Page environs.  Almost the entirety of the Eclipse was visible except its later stages when the partially eclipsed Sun set behind mountains west of Page.

The following images were obtained with a Bausch and Lomb Criterion 4000 telephoto lens (1200 mm f/12) attached to a Nikon D100 camera with exposure times of 1/500 sec, ISO 800.



Eclipse Montage
Setting partially eclipsed Sun

Animated Gif "video" of the Annular Eclipse.

[This is a large 1.5 megabyte file!  The motion of the Sun is choppy due to poor frame registration secondary to the images being taken from a tripod mounted camera rather than having the camera mounted on a clock driven system following the Sun.]


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