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The 3towers Observatory:
Arp Galaxies 103-169

The following table of Arp Galaxies is based on the Arp taxonomy in Dennis Webb Arp Galaxy page. These images were taken at the 3towers Observatory located in Tucson, Arizona, using a 12-inch Meade LX 200 telescope working with a focal reducer at f/6.5 and equipped with an Apogee KX260 CCD camera or with an Apogee AP7 camera.

The black & white exposures for the images vary from single 60-second exposures to a combination of up to thirty 60-second exposures added together with a median routine. In general, the images have not been processed except for bias and dark subtraction, flat fielding, and contrast enhancement. They were slightly cropped to show the objects of interest, and the image width was set to 600 pixels. The image scales vary slightly from image to image due to the differing degrees of cropping. Nevertheless, it is possible to compare two different images to observe the relative size of different Arp galaxies.

All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.

Arp Object Other Names  3towers Observatory Image Comments
103 Zwicky's Triplet Arp103.jpg (36794 bytes) The small galaxy near the left edge of the image is NGC6241. The two small galaxies near the top of the image just below the triangle of stars are MCG+8-31-3A and Arp103 (it has a small companion).
112 NGC7805+7806 Arp112.jpg (40465 bytes)  
116 M60; NGC4649 and NGC4647 m60color.jpg (40105 bytes)  
134 M49; NGC4472 m49color.jpg (29233 bytes)  
135 NGC1023 Arp135.jpg (21643 bytes)  
140 NGC275+274 Arp140.jpg (36237 bytes)  
150 NGC7609; Hickson95A Arp150.jpg (40450 bytes)

153 NGC5128; Centaurus A ngc5128.jpg (16839 bytes)

ngc5128color.jpg (28286 bytes)

NGC5128 (Centaurus A; Arp153)

C-11 HyperStar Canon 20Da image

NGC1316 Arp154.jpg (21365 bytes)  
157 NGC520 Arp157.jpg (28652 bytes)  
165 NGC2418 Arp165.jpg (37109 bytes)  
166 NGC750+751 Arp166.jpg (24696 bytes)  
169 NGC7236+7237 Arp169.jpg (36788 bytes)