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The 3towers Observatory:
Arp Galaxies 40-99


The following table of Arp Galaxies is based on the Arp taxonomy in Dennis Webb Arp Galaxy page. These images were taken at the 3towers Observatory located in Tucson, Arizona, using a 12-inch Meade LX 200 telescope working with a focal reducer at f/6.5 and equipped with an Apogee KX260 CCD camera or with an Apogee AP7 camera.

The black & white exposures for the images vary from single 60-second exposures to a combination of up to thirty 60-second exposures added together with a median routine. In general, the images have not been processed except for bias and dark subtraction, flat fielding, and contrast enhancement. They were slightly cropped to show the objects of interest, and the image width was set to 600 pixels. The image scales vary slightly from image to image due to the differing degrees of cropping. Nevertheless, it is possible to compare two different images to observe the relative size of different Arp galaxies.

All images are oriented with the North at the top and the West to the right.

Arp Object Other Names  3towers Observatory Image Comments
41 NGC1232+A Arp41.jpg (33791 bytes)  
46 UGC12665 Arp 46  
52 CGC421-427 Arp52.jpg (66061 bytes)  
65 NGC91 Arp65.jpg (20882 bytes)
AP7 Image
Arp65 (NGC91) is the spiral galaxy left of center. To its left is NGC93. The two large elliptical galaxies to the right of center are NGC83 (above) and NGC80. The two small galaxies above NGC83 are IC1546 (left) and NGC85.
77 NGC1097+A Arp77.jpg (34599 bytes)  
78 NGC772+770 Arp78.jpg (39274 bytes)
KX260 Image

ngc772(Arp78).jpg (14694 bytes)
AP7 Image

The AP7 image is a composite of six 60-second exposures added together.
86 NGC7753+7752 Arp86.jpg (31226 bytes)  
94 NGC3226/3227 Arp94.jpg (21997 bytes) This is a composite image of eighteen 60-second exposures added together.
99 NGC7550+7549 Arp99.jpg (22620 bytes) This image shows the relationship of Arp 99 (NGC7550), center, to NGC7549, top, and NGC7547, to the right of Arp99. NGC7558 is the small elliptical galaxy near the lower left hand corner. This entire complex plus a faint galaxy to the left of NGC7549 is known as Hickson 98A-E.